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ТЕМА: ��s just a mat

��s just a mat 4 мес. назад #219227

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There is a small river behind the grandmother's house, and the river is a railroad Marlboro Red. A large part of my childhood was sitting on the edge of a small river, looking at the glass-colored sky that connected the surface, and silently praying for the returning birds. The clouds in the sky are in full swing, sometimes passing a train, I will look at the rear of the car from the front of the car, quietly listening to the metal friction generated by the train whistling through the rails until the last carriage disappears at the end of the sunset. I always like to look at the trains that are far away: "Goodbye, train. I can hear people in the car go back and say, "Goodbye, small town. "The bells of memory are blown away by the gentle wind of the small town. In my impression, every corner of the town is so amiable. You can never find the location of the town accurately on the map, because it is really a small name. You can't mark it. You can't find a towering skyscraper in the heart of the town, because the town doesn't need much bustling. Although there aren't many streets here, it's always coming and going. It's never been here. There will be traffic jams. To be precise, there are not a few cars that will drive on the road. More often, motorcycles and bicycles occupy the main road. The small town is very small. It��s just a matter of visiting a relative or visiting a shopping mall. In a few places, there is no need to travel by car. The small town is small, but it has nurtured people who have lived here for generations. The narrow sky above the small town will never be eclipsed because it is not a bustling street Marlboro Gold. The small town is also loaded. My first memories. There are people who love me the most. Grandma plays the role of babysitter in my childhood. I used to rely on her to wake me up every morning. I prepared breakfast and then sent me to school. Grandma didn't read too many books. She took care of the exquisite care from the deepest, love for the younger generation. I have a group of friends in the small town, except for our life. It also runs through the streets and lanes of the small town. Where the foam is delicious, where the clothes are cheap and beautiful Parliament Cigarettes, where the boutiques have entered the latest gadgets, all know well. Everywhere in the small town, where the time goes. The children��s purest laughter. The memory of the small town to me is quiet and far-reaching. I didn��t think that one day I would be one of the people who left the town. Because of the mother��s work, I have to live in Guangzhou. This means that I have to leave the town, leave my friends, relatives, and live in another strange place. I am very reluctant to dream of a beautiful and quiet town like a dandelion, but I have to learn to leave my mother. I left with courage. I once heard that the cousin who worked in Guangzhou mentioned the bustling city: the streets are wide, the traffic is high, and the high-rise buildings are high. Nine Mo, Hua Deng, the crowd in the Central Trade Zone, I started to live in the big city, but I lost my reluctance to leave. On a summer evening, the sunset is kissing Xishan, the last few from the Milky Way. The light was quietly slamming under the horizon. I dragged my suitcase and boarded the train to Guangzhou. The train quickly passed the railroad track of my grandmother. I looked over the river and there was no more. The child silently said goodbye to the far-away train. I gently turned back, with a crush, and whispered to the small town that was about to sleep in the arms of the night, "Goodbye, small town."
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